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So my network has changed since I first made this page in 2016. Some things are the same (Ubiquiti) and others a different (internet). But it is what it is.\


NBN FTTN connection, 85mbs (the best I can get out of the line) paying for 100mbs. 40mbs upload. Static IP. AussieBroadband If you want my referral link it is https://www.aussiebroadband.com.au/nbn-signup/?c=2248714 you save $50 and I save $50. Great ISP, great speeds.

Very in on the Ubiquiti train
Very in on the Ubiquiti train



Draytek Vigor 130. In bridged mode, to the USG. So all this does is give me a VDSL2 connection, it does not terminate or login to the connection just passes the PPOE to the USG.


Unifi Security Gateway USG Cloud Key 2 Plus (includes a 1tb HDD for video recording). I am thinking of upgrading this eventually, but why bother. Its working, my internet isnt faster then 100mbit so no real need to upgrade.


24 Port POE, useful for the access points and cameras. Also have a couple of the small Unifi Flex switches, useful for things like TV cabinet, so all the devices can have a port and powered by POE makes it great. It was also really handy when we had to setup working from home in the dining room and needed an extra 2 network ports. 


Unifi UAP Pro. Its pretty old now, but haven't bothered to update it. It still works and does all I need it to do. Also have a Unifi AP IW (in wall) in the Studio (garage converted to a room, so its a metal box). So it provides great coverage in the Studio. And in the house I get.. ok coverage. 


<<INSERT PICTURE>> Put this in for a little extra money. It it from Neilson NBN Panel speed testing, box. It uses some bandwidth every now again. I was meant to put it INLINE but stuff that, it sits on the network and runs random speed tests every now and again. I get maybe $50 every 6 months for doing nothing. (in gift cards)

NAS - Synology

I FINALLY decided to buy a "real" NAS. No more putting it together my self and working on it all the time / almost losing data (did actually lose some data I didn't really need). Went all in and got a snazzy Synology DS1821+. Its a 4 cpu core AMD Ryzen chip @ 2.2Ghz. Runs ActiveBackup for Business which does image level backups of all the PC's in the house (my machine, wifes, old surface laptop and wifes new surface laptop). Going to be setting up HyperVault to send my data to my mate who also purchased a Synolgoy at the same time, so we can offsite our data (while keeping it encrypted).

Chucked in 4 main HDD's 2x14TB and 2x10TB. When I got it at first it was super LOAD. Those drives were NOISY when running. So put in some foam feet in the sleds and it was a little quieter. Then added two old SSD's I had which were not being used 256GB Samsung 2.5"'s. After this, it uses the SSD's for write and read caching, and it is SOOOOO much quieter.


Its almost like you cant be a nerd / sysadmin if you dont have a RaspberryPi running something you setup years ago and hardly touch. Mine is running PiHole. Which blocks "ads". Seems to be a alright job. Very set and forget. Put Redhat Cockpit on it, so I have a graphical interface to manage it (I know I know, silly windows admins)


This is just a quick rambling on the equipment I use for my home network and some other things. It may or may not be factually correct.
I previously had always wanted to buy Ubiquity Equipment. Reading it online, it seemed to be the best as it was almost enterprise quality without the enterprise cost.
Finally, a couple of months ago I made the plunge. Purchased a Access Point, and then a router.

Ubiquity AC Pro
This is a fantastic AC Access Point. It makes you really understand how terrible consumer equipment really is.


Where I live the only choice I had for internet was ADSL2. Which by theory should be good enough, but alas no. I was in a area which the closest exchange was 1-2 suburbs away and the max speed I could get was 5mbs. 570KB was the most I could ever download. Also there were issues if more then one person was doing something at once. If the wife was watching Netflix or Stan, I couldn't play a game or watch anything either.
Most frustratingly was the updates to the computers, gotta love Windows 10 and its "force to download with no prompt and no way of stopping" updates. I would turn on my Surface Pro 3 to watch some YouTube / Netflix while rowing. And the device was useless for 30 minutes because it had decided to download updates.
Eventually, after someone at work mentioned there is wireless internet in my city, maybe I should try that.
Signed up for The Signal Co
They offer 25mb/10mb for $90 a month with 500GB download. Yes it is more expensive then the $70 a month I was paying for "unlimited" ADSL with iiNet. But the speed. Oh the speed!
This is a screenshot from the Ubiquity Security Gateway. You can see the "NOW" column. 25mb down and 11 up. The jump is fantastic!
After a week or so. Here is another pic of the speeds. The Unifi Security Gateway does automatic speed tests.

This article was updated on March 9, 2022


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